What does being healthy mean to you? What are your wellness goals?

Making a commitment to optimizing your wellness can be challenging with so many possibilities to think about.

Especially when you know you’re different from everyone else.

You need a personalized approach that takes into account your unique biology, genetics, and lifestyle. Our systems approach gathers, connects, and analyzes your data to create a complete picture of you.

Welcome to Arivale, your scientific path to wellness.


We know you have specific goals in mind for what you want to accomplish…



First you’ll get your welcome package, which is designed to provide our team of clinicians and physicians with important information. To chart your path, we need to better understand your lifestyle, gut health, and stress levels.

Fitbit — Tracks your activity, sleep, and heart rate.

Your gut microbiome (bacteria in your gut) is a fascinating, emerging area of science and wellness.

Saliva collection — Cortisol is an important hormone that can indicate how well your body is responding to stress. Your saliva can show how your cortisol levels fluctuate throughout the day.

Your Arivale Coach will use this data along with your upcoming blood and genetics tests to create your action plan specifically tailored to you.


Who are you? It’s a pretty big question, but one we have to ask in order to understand everything we can about you and your health so we can ultimately guide you on your scientific path to wellness.

You’ll start the Arivale program by completing a series of online assessments.

You’ll tell us about your goals, health history, lifestyle (diet, exercise, sleep), stress, personality, and happiness. We use this information, along with your lab results, to start piecing together a more complete view of you. The puzzle will grow more complete over time as we get to know you and as scientific knowledge about the data points we analyze continues to expand.

Role of
the coach

Personal coaching is a key aspect of your Arivale journey. Your Arivale Coach will be with you every step of the way and is supported by our team of clinicians and consulting physicians.

Your first call is all about getting to know you on a deeper level—your goals, motivations, challenges, and aspirations. Your coach will review your assessment data and leave you with an action plan specific to you. Subsequent calls support your journey and review progress and follow-up laboratory testing.



When you sign up for Arivale, you’ll schedule your first blood draw at one of our partner clinical labs.


Around 80 blood markers are evaluated to help us better understand which nutritional choices and exercise options would work best for you based on your unique genetics, current state of health, lifestyle, and your nutritional choices.

And while you’re at the lab, we’ll also measure some of your vital signs to complete our initial data collection.


As we receive the results of your lab tests, we produce an integrated view of you—what we call your baseline.

From your Baseline, your Arivale Coach constructs your action plan which will provide your detailed, step-by-step approach toward optimizing your wellness. This plan serves as the map your coach will use to guide your journey.


Each month you'll have a scheduled call with your Arivale Coach to review your action plan and provide tools, tips, and resources to help hold you accountable.

Your coach will suggest new actionable recommendations based on your progress.

After completing each coaching call, your coach will send you an email summarizing your top action items tailored to you as you continue toward your wellness goals.

You will also receive weekly check-ins from your coach via text or email to help you stay on track. Of course, you can contact your coach anytime if you have any questions or need more support.


As you progress through your Arivale journey, we present an integrated view of your health in six health dimensions.

Your Arivale progress report will let you know exactly how you’re progressing along your path to wellness.







No matter what your goals—from losing weight to sleeping better, reducing stress, or increasing energy—these six health dimensions are critical.


This is not about short-term fixes. Optimizing your wellness is a lifetime journey. Every six months you’ll complete another set of clinical labs with vital sign measurements for comparison.

This new scientific data helps fine-tune our recommendations to help you continue to thrive on your personal wellness journey.

Your life is dynamic: there will always be new goals, new challenges, and new environments. Science is dynamic too – our knowledge continues to expand.

As we collect more data on you, you will receive smarter, more personalized, more actionable and effective recommendations.

Being part of a larger Arivale community dedicated to health and wellness gives you the integrated scientific edge and the ongoing support to help make the journey work for you.