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Hundreds of data points. All about you.

A scientific approach to wellness

A scientific approach to wellness.

Isolated data points can’t tell you much about your wellness—but connections can. That’s why we take an integrative look at your body’s many sophisticated systems, from genetics to inflammatory markers, and bring this knowledge together in one place.

Think of it this way. Genes are clues. Your bloodwork is the evidence. You and your coach? Detectives.


A crucial piece of the puzzle.

From your dashboard, you can self-report your weight, waist circumference, exercise habits, and even sync a Fitbit to add heart rate, sleep, and activity data.

Not everything is a number.

We need to know about you. You’ll also tell us about your happiness, stress, digestion, sleep, energy, and how you feel about your health.

Turn data into action.

Turn data into action

Science draws the dots. You need someone to help you connect them. Enter, your Arivale Coach.

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Track your progress.

See the results of your action plan and monitor any changes with blood draws every six months.

This updated data will help you and your coach decipher what’s working, what needs adjusting, and what you should focus on next.

Get started today.

Kickstart your wellness journey by unlocking your genetics and 40+ health markers, analyzing your lifestyle, and consulting with an Arivale Coach.

Questions? We have answers.

In general, the Arivale blood panel is more comprehensive than what you might get at your doctor’s office. While our panel does include some labs that your physician usually measures—such as cholesterol, blood glucose, blood counts, and clinical chemistry panels—it also includes a lot of independent labs that typically are not measured by physicians. For example, we measure several blood markers of nutritional status—such as minerals, vitamins and fatty acids in the blood—that aren’t generally measured unless someone has symptoms of a disease or overt nutritional deficiency. Even in areas that might be covered by a conventional physical such as diabetes risk, we look at a few rarely tested markers. The blood measurements become even more valuable as they are integrated with your genetic report.

We look at actionable genetic variants related to wellness. That is, we examine behavioral and lifestyle-related genes—namely those that impact heart health, diabetes risk, inflammation, optimal nutrition, healthy aging, and stress. Your coaching calls will be tailored for you to highlight some key behavioral changes based on the genetic findings to optimize health and wellbeing. If you continue with membership, you’ll also consistently receive new genetic insights from our research team, based on the latest research and discoveries.

Your security is our top priority, and we have a team dedicated to maintaining the safety of your data. Your data is encrypted in transit and in storage, and we have security controls at multiple levels within our cloud-hosted infrastructure. Furthermore, we perform regular security testing with external partners. Read more about the security and privacy of your data here.

You and your coach. Your data is hosted on a secure dashboard for you and your coach to review. In addition, you can consent to share your de-identified data (meaning all personal identifying information is removed) with our internal research team. They look at your data in aggregate with all customer data, not in isolation. You can also consent to add your de-identified data to a database for external research.

You must complete your blood draw at an approved external partner laboratory. You can look for your closest location and schedule an appointment on your Arivale Dashboard or by calling Concierge at 206-981-5834.