A Scientific Wellness Program
that works for your body.

Arivale empowers you with the resources you need to become your healthiest self; deep knowledge about your body, a roadmap to help you achieve your goals, and a personal coach to support you along the way.

A 360-degree view of you.

Welcome to wellness in the genomic age. Through tracking, technology, and time itself, we get to know you inside and out, your physiology and wellbeing, one degree at a time. We’ll unlock the data that’s already inside you and translate it into a clear, thoroughly detailed wellness plan. Find out what types of food and exercise work best with your specific body and why. Discover wellness opportunities based on your genes. Learn which supplements your body needs based on genetics and geography. It’s an entirely new approach resulting in your roadmap to thrive.

Fueled by knowledge.
Backed by science.

This is science made personal. How personal? How about pulling 85 data points from a blood test instead of the usual 25. Or not stopping at “what?”, but adding “why?”. Or drawing information from your personality profile so we can go well beyond clichés like “exercise more” and let you know what kind of exercise is best for you based on your goals and genetics. Yes, that personal.

Data. Technology.
And a personal coach to guide you every step of the way.

This is not about short-term fixes. It’s a lifetime journey to help you optimize your wellness. We show you the data but data by itself is impersonal. So we pair you with a dedicated coach who’ll get to know you on a personal level—your hopes, fears, motivations, and dreams—and help you navigate the numbers, understand what they mean, and put them to use. This is not a few rushed minutes in some sterile office. Your data is the foundation of your coach’s recommendations.