Our 2017 Wellness Gift Guide

Arivale Team,
Arivale Team

Want to get your loved ones on the healthy living train? Try “gifting” them a little bit of wellness this holiday season.

Here are our favorite wellness-inspired gifts to give (and receive)—all of them under $100.

Healthy Body Gifts

Reflective Vest for Night Exercise — $30

reflective vest

As the days darken, it can be hard to find the motivation to get outside and exercise—especially if safety is a concern. If only there was a way to keep your favorite joggers bright and visible all winter long!

Wait, there is! We love these reflective vests, for you and the people you love.

Yoga Mat Carrier and Non-Toxic Mat Cleaner — $43

While yoga mat preferences are tough to guess and sure to vary, every yogi can benefit from a good mat carrier and cleaner.

So, this holiday season, support your loved one’s healthy habit with some yog-accessories. We love Manduka’s non-toxic mat wash and mat carrier, which has a handy zipper pocket to keep your phone, wallet, and keys safely tucked away while you sweat it out.

Reusable Water Bottle — $8 – $45

glass water bottle healthy gift

Drinking water is about as Wellness 101 as it gets—and having a water bottle you absolutely love can help. Why? If you’re smitten with your water bottle, you’re more likely to associate positive feelings with your hydration habit and thus, drink more water.

So, gift your loved one a high-quality, reusable water bottle. For those who love ice-cold water, we recommend Hydroflasks or similarly insulated water bottles. They can hold hot and cold temperatures for hours, and you can have some fun picking out colors too. If they’re a straw person, go for one of these. If they’re someone who wants a high-capacity bottle that doesn’t look too sporty, we love bkr’s fashionable water bottles. (That’s right, water bottles can be fashionable.)

Nutrition or Heart Health Genetics — $99

genetics healthy gift

We couldn’t very well put together a wellness gift guide and not mention genetics!

Arivale has two new “starter” programs which give you curated genetic insights (either related to weight and diet or cholesterol and blood pressure) and a consultation with one of our dietitians. If you have a loved one who’s been curious about your Arivale experience, these starter programs are a great way to try out Arivale for 30 days.

Healthy Kitchen Gifts

Healthy Cook Books — $10 – $30

cookbooks healthy gift

A good cookbook is a gift that keeps on giving. Our coaches often recommend Nourishing Meals CookbookFresh and Fermented CookbookForks Over Knives, and Longevity Kitchen, but really, if you have a favorite go-to, trust your gut! A good cookbook is made even better when a friend recommends a recipe or two from within its pages.  

Glass Meal Prep Lunch Containers — $16

glass food storage healthy gift

Plastic Tupperware can contain harmful toxins and might not be microwave safe. Switching to glass containers can be worth the investment, especially if someone makes the investment for you!

We love these glass meal-prep containers, which are awesome for turning leftovers into perfectly portioned lunches for the week.

Spiralizer — $18

spiralizer healthy gift

If you’ve been an Arivale Member for a while, no doubt you’ve heard your coach mention spiralizers. We love them. A good spiralizer can turn your favorite veggies into a noodle-like base. Zucchinisturnipssweet potatoesbeets, and carrots—you name it, you can spiralize it.

There are many great spiralizers out there. Here’s one that’s quite affordable and gives you lots of options.

Healthy Mind Gifts

One Year of Headspace Subscription — $96

meditation app healthy gift

Meditation and mindfulness practices are about paying attention to the present moment and noticing the ebb and flow of your thoughts in a non-judgmental way. Interestingly enough, meditation and mindfulness practices have a number of studied health benefits, including reducing inflammationreducing painhelping manage PTSDstress, and anxiety, and improving blood pressure. 

For mindful newbies, meditation can seem daunting. Our coaches often recommend Headspace, a subscription app that provides easy-to-follow high-quality guided meditations. It’s an excellent entrance into the world of mindfulness.

You can purchase a month, a year, or a two-year subscription as a gift.

Essential Oil Set —$24

essential oils healthy gift

Got a loved one who could use a little pampering? Essential oils are awesome stocking stuffers that can be used for relaxing baths or aromatherapy. Lavender essential oil, in particular, is associated with positive sleep outcomes.

We love this sampler pack from Snow Lotus, which has lavender, bergamot, rose, and eucalyptus oils.

Floating Gift Certificate — $50-100

Some say the best gifts are experiences. Research float spas in your area and give an adventurous loved one a gift card for a relaxing sensory deprivation float.

Sensory deprivation is formally known as Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique, or R.E.S.T., and some studies show it can help reduce pain, anxiety, and stress, as well as improve one’s ability to fall asleep. You can read more about R.E.S.T. and the floating experience here.

Gratitude Journal — $18

gratitude journal healthy gift

A great gift for people of all ages. Gratitude is one component of a mindfulness practice, and it’s something we should all practice daily. Not only can gratitude lift your mood, but studies show gratitude exercises can also help lessen stress and the symptoms of depression, as well as improve overall mental health

We like the Five Minute Journal, which has easy prompts to help you (or your loved one) get into a gratitude mindset.

Healthy Home Gifts

Glass Water Kettle  —  $53

Wintertime is perfect for a good pot of tea—a healthy and cozy alternative to sugary holiday drinks.  We love this glass water kettle and suggest gifting it with one or two of your favorite teas.

Set of Beeswax Candles — $65

beeswax candles healthy gift

Would it surprise you to know that most scented candles pollute the indoor air with harmful toxins? Beeswax candles are a wonderful, safe alternative. They burn slower than regular candles and have a lovely natural scent—especially the ones mixed with essential oils.

We love these candles from Big Dipper Wax Works, which you can buy online or find in many health foods stores, like Whole Foods.