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Vanita, Member since 2016
Member since 2016

Dinner with friends. Diets. Celery. Questions: Why was Vanita gaining weight, even if she was eating less? Why was she hungry just one hour after lunch? Why was weight management a constant struggle? Her solution: “I would do a lot of exercise, just to burn off all the calories.”

Over time, as her professional and personal commitments grew, and time constraints changed, Vanita realized she needed to reassess her approach to staying trim.

Vanita was conscious of health and wellness—she became a Pilates instructor—but she knew her diet and exercise were out of balance. She recalls, “I always knew there was a challenge.” Meanwhile, she sought high-quality wellness information she could trust, which also would address her individual needs.

Arivale appealed to Vanita because of its evidence-based, scientific foundation. “I was hoping for something that would look at my health from a medical standpoint. What is my blood saying? What do I need to do? And then give me tailored advice.”

That mentoring came from her conversations with her coach, Alex, who became a valued sounding board. Alex helped Vanita see the bigger picture about her wellness, but also helped her stay in the moment, with incremental changes, so she wouldn’t feel overwhelmed. Step 1: Snacks. At first Vanita feared she would gain weight. But: Surprise! “I wasn’t as hungry at lunch, so I was eating less.” Best of all, she felt more in tune with the needs of her body.

Vanita says the encouragement and expertise of her coach were key ingredients. “I actually had someone to talk to about how I was feeling,” and what she was doing with meals and activity, and Alex could calibrate. To her surprise, Vanita lost 10 percent of her body weight, and Alex set a maintenance plan for her body to adjust.

Whether studying the optimal level of calcium, or the impact of her family history, Vanita was inspired by the sense of discovery that unfolded through Arivale. “That’s what I love: I can look at the blood results, see the DNA, and then take action on what to improve. That was the ideal situation for me.”

“Vanita came into the program motivated and ready to hit the ground running. It has been an honor guiding her to her best health.”– Alex L., RD, CD

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