Taking Care of Yourself in Your 40s

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Tony, Member since July 2016
Member since July 2016

As the father of three young kids, Tony wants to be active. He wants to have the energy to play with his family, and most importantly, be around for them for a long time. Tony has a degenerative medical condition which has often been a barrier to reaching his goals. He joined Arivale ready to take a bold step towards focusing on his health, which he had let take a back seat for many years.

For Tony, the most powerful aspect of Arivale has been the coaching, which has helped him make substantial changes to his diet and lifestyle. He’s eating better, he’s more active, and most importantly, he has the energy to prioritize what matters most to him—his family.

“It sounds dramatic, but I do think I’ll live longer because of it. … How I take care of myself now at 40 will determine how long I live and how productive those years are.”

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