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Sharon, Member since 2016
Member since 2016

Sharon is a fitness rock star. A runner. A lifelong athlete. She participates in Spartan races— high-performance obstacle-course challenges. And on her next birthday, she’ll be 58.

Sharon’s primary motivation is maintaining a vibrant life. “For me, being an active senior is really important.” Before joining Arivale, she says, “I actually felt good. I was active and for the most part, eating a decent diet. And I felt like I was aging well.”

Sharon was curious about what she could learn from a genetic-based program that would illuminate not just heredity, but how she, herself, could take action. Sharon admits that at first, she wasn’t sure what to expect. But after just one blood draw, she became a fan. “I got a lot of information about things I hadn’t thought about. It was eye-opening in terms of my lifestyle, diet, and how what I put in my body had an effect on my health.”

The first lab results showed that Sharon’s heart health numbers were strong overall, but a few indicators leaned toward yellow. Coach Emily examined Sharon’s diet. Sharon enjoyed her communication with Emily, and credits her with helping her achieve results. “I think having someone there to talk through your commitments helps you maintain that accountability.”

Sharon says the practical aspects of Arivale contribute to the experience. For instance, “The dashboard provides reassurance for how you’re doing. I use it to track my meals and my weight. The information from my blood draws is there, and I feel like I’m on the right track.”

The most profound change? Freedom from unhealthy cycles of dieting, especially before a race. Sharon prefers how she feels when she sticks with a consistent, healthy approach. Meanwhile, she had never eaten much meat, but she decided to cut it from her diet, and now considers herself a pescatarian. The results? Sharon says, “The proof is in the numbers.” Ninety days after her third blood draw, Sharon saw tangible progress: All her heart-health markers were green.

As someone who enjoys a high-performance life of career, passions, family and friends, Sharon is thrilled about this journey. “The information and tools that Arivale has given me, along with coaching, has helped me take my diet to a new level,” Sharon says. She feels more confident about her health, and in control.

“I feel like I’m aging optimally now,” Sharon says. Arivale’s scientific precision and individual approach made a difference. She adds, “Since joining Arivale, I’ve gone from good to great.”

“Sharon’s commitment to her health was truly inspiring. She embraced change with intention and a can-do attitude.” –Emily K., MPH,RDN,CD

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