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Paul, Member since 2016
Member since 2016

Paul is a man of action. Throughout his life, he’s been on the move: skiing, Aikido, mountain biking, and road cycling. Three times, he has “survived” the California Death Ride, a cycling challenge in the Sierra Nevada mountains that entails riding 129 miles and climbing more than 15,000 feet—all in one day.

But year after year, Paul saw his stamina decline. After having kids, he didn’t have as much time to train, and he didn’t complete the entire ride. Meanwhile, his friends still had fuel in the tank and finished.

Cycling gives Paul a benchmark for wellness.“You go on a road. You know that road really well, and you know how you felt before.” He’s been getting back into shape and knows he can rely on past rides for metrics.

Paul respects the practical application of data he experiences with Arivale. “I work in analytics,” he says, “I’m used to looking at dashboards, trending things over time.”

By contrast, Paul often finds the presentation of data less accessible in conventional medicine. “There are so many terms that are difficult to understand,” he says. “You need to educate yourself, and your standard doctor doesn’t have time to educate you.”

Paul enjoys the clarity of his dashboard, where he can easily see opportunities for improvement. “Because Arivale has hundreds of metrics,” he says, he likes to select targets and note the progress. He has had three blood draws so far.

At the same time, his Arivale lab results showed an area of concern Paul wishes his doctor had detected earlier. Thankfully, he says, “We’re just monitoring it, it’s not life-threatening,” but Paul does attribute the detection to the comprehensive testing of Arivale.

All of this is so important to Paul, who feels a tremendous sense of responsibility at work and home. For him, stamina provides greater capacity for shared experiences. In today’s screen-dependent society, he says, “We’ve lost the feeling of being part of a tribe.” Not Paul. “My tribe are the guys I ride with, and my family.”

Arivale is Paul’s way to take care of what he calls “the engine.” To be active, to be someone people can rely upon, and to take trips in the outdoors, he says, “You need a good, strong engine.” Tired can mean missing those moments.

But you don’t want to burn out. Paul credits Arivale with helping him tune in to how he is truly feeling. Enough sleep? Too much coffee? The dashboard makes it easy.

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