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Patty, Member since 2016
Member since 2016

The “best” weight loss advice Patty ever received was for designed for someone else. Before she joined Arivale, she studied various approaches to nutrition, on her own. She says, “I was convinced that a low-carb diet was the way to go.”

When she joined Arivale, Patty reversed course. “With my results and the analysis of everything going on inside my body, I’ve learned that is completely the wrong approach.” In her time with Arivale, Patty naturally dropped ten pounds—without trying.

Patty decided to participate in Arivale on the recommendation of friends. “I love data,” she says, and Arivale fit her learning style “because of all the analytics they provide, like DNA analysis and bloodwork.”

Friends also praised their coaches. Patty’s coach, Farah, steered her toward food that matched her lab results. “She’s the most knowledgeable nutritionist I’ve ever worked with, and she goes the extra mile,” Patty says. “She studies my metrics and is ready with customized solutions that work for me.”

Patty says Farah also contributed basic tips, like planning snacks, that were fundamental. “Arivale helped me establish a foundation for living,” she says. “Farah helped me get more organized in the kitchen,” and offered practical self-care advice for when Patty travels.

Patty has seen an improvement in some of her metrics, such as cholesterol, at her doctor’s office, but noted that the testing she experienced there was not nearly as comprehensive as the analytics she gained through Arivale.

She attributes her painless weight loss to “eating more in tune with how my body says it needs to work. Feeding my body with the nutrients it’s made to have eliminates cravings, especially chocolate, sugar, or mid-afternoon snacks.”

Patty believes the program has changed “the hunger hormones and the way the body ticks around meal time.” She says, “I get full faster when I’m eating the right nutrients, so I don’t overeat.” And she’s sleeping better.

Looking to the future, Patty dreams of quality time with her daughter, who is now 26. “I hope to enjoy life with her, as much as I can, and increase my chances of being healthy.”

Reflecting on her own upbringing, Patty says, “My parents were older when they had me, and by the time I was in high school, my dad was 60 or 65, and my parents were sedentary and tired.”

Having gleaned so much insight from her Arivale experience, Patty is thriving. Someday her daughter may have kids, and Patty imagines the fun. She says, “I want to have an active and healthy life.”

“Patty is hungry for knowledge, strives get to the root of any obstacle, and is flexible, integrating solutions that work for her. She is a force to be reckoned with!” – Farah A., MPH, RDN, CD

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