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Paige, Member since July 2016
Member since July 2016

Going from a Division 1 college athlete to a desk-bound nine to fiver left Paige’s body reeling. While she was getting through the day, she found her energy levels tanked every evening.

“I was interested in learning about what the heck’s going on inside my body,” said Paige, “But what I was really looking for in the program was finding the energy to do the things I wanted to do outside of work.”

With a mother working as a nurse, Paige grew up knowledgeable about healthy habits. But she wanted someone else to talk to—someone who could understand what she’s going through at work and hold her accountable to her goals.

Arivale Coach Kacie helped Paige get over some initial hurdles, adding back regular exercise into her routine and shifting her dietary pattern. Paige started biking to work, taking yoga classes, and taking advantage of more of her healthcare and wellness benefits.

Paige was particularly interested in her genetic results and nutritional deficiencies.

“I had no idea what supplements to take before Arivale,” she explained, “And now, in my bloodwork, I can see that the ones I started taking are making a difference.” Paige’s genetic results were validating for her—explaining some of the challenges she’s faced in her wellness journey. It was fun to share them with her family, she added.

“I joined thinking I’d be in it for myself … I ended up with a community of people at work that are like minded and looking for the same things in their life. We became a tight-knit group.”

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