Getting Back on Track After Knee Surgery

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Nita, Member since July 2016
Member since July 2016

As an executive assistant at a large tech company, Nita knows busy. But after a knee replacement two years ago, she was finding it difficult to build healthy habits back into her packed schedule.

“I’ve always struggled with my weight, and during the knee replacement piece of my life, I gained 30 pounds of it back.”

Nita was looking for a way to reinvent herself—and she found that in Arivale: “My coach, Erica, is remarkable. She is my person. She goes above and beyond and takes it to the next level making sure I’m being taken care of.”

Nita and Erica focused on setting achievable goals each week to rebuild positive exercise and nutrition habits.

“It was exciting to see the goals I set were attainable. I wasn’t drowning in unrealistic goals. It was all small increments.” And over time, Nita started seeing results: “To date, I’ve lost 26 pounds. I’m close to getting me back to the size I’m accustomed to. With that, I’m grateful.”

“Being able to look in the mirror and like what I see. It has brought me back to life,” said Nita, “It allowed me to get me back.”

“It is such a joy to work with Nita and see her crush each goal she sets. I’m looking forward to more ‘ah ha’ moments and laughter with her.” — Erica M., RDN CD

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