Working Against Family History

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Nina, Member since Aug. 2015
Member since Aug. 2015

Nina has long known not to take her health for granted. Her father died of a heart attack in his 40s, and her grandfather died of a stroke at the same age.

Before joining Arivale, Nina had already undergone genetic testing to understand more about her inherited health risks. But genes aren’t a crystal ball, and Nina wanted to maximize heart health. When she heard about Arivale, she saw an opportunity to marry her genetic knowledge with positive actions.

In Coach Mary, Nina found someone she could bounce her ideas off of and get answers she trusted.

“It was that depth of knowledge, and the specificity with which she made suggestions … She was fun while respecting me and who I am.”

For Nina, being a part of Arivale changed her relationship with her wellness. She has a health and nutrition background and already knew what her body needed to stay healthy, but seeing the data and working with a coach helped validate that she was on the right track. It brought peace of mind.

“I’m in my mid-60s now, I can’t expect my body to be the way I was when I was 30 … It’s how I feel in my body that’s important. That’s a really big change.”

Working with Nina was a joy. I was so impressed by both her strong sense of who she is and her willingness to dig deep and explore the person she has the potential to become. —Mary P., MS RDN CD

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