Focusing on Wellness, as a Family

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Molly and Tom, Members since Oct. 2015
Molly and Tom
Members since Oct. 2015

Molly describes her dad as a “health nut.” So, it came as no surprise to her that he wanted to join Arivale, and that he wanted her to come along for the ride. For Tom, Arivale was an opportunity for him and his daughter to make positive changes together, even if their goals were very different.

Tom is focused on lowering his risk for the lifestyle diseases that often come with aging. As he put it, “I’m 66, I want to act like I’m 46.”

Molly got on board with the goal to lose weight and solidify healthy habits before leaving for college. She learned from her genetics that she has a predisposition for having a high BMI and waist circumference, but that her body will respond well to a low-fat diet. “I felt more aware, and better prepared to tackle my goal,” she said.

A year in, both Tom and Molly feel that their relationship to their wellness has transformed.

“I think about what I learned from my genetics in particular, and it’s changed my lifestyle. It blew me away,” Molly explained. “Everything felt out of my hands for a while. Now my wellness feels more in my control.”

“The big thing for Arivale is it takes away the guesswork,” Tom said, “I’m not looking some study that says you should eat more of this or that. It’s like, what should I eat? What are my genes?”

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