Aging Optimally Together

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Marie Annette and Eric, Members since June 2016
Marie Annette and Eric
Members since June 2016

According to Eric, “You have to really work on your attitude as you get older so you don’t hate aging.”

Eric is a retired corrections officer, a lifelong athlete, and a musician. His wife Marie Annette is a professor at the University of Washington. For them, Arivale is a way to build a positive relationship with the change that comes with aging. Though they each have their own goals, they joined with one shared aspiration—to stay well for each other.

“We’re 70. Now, time is very precious,” said Marie Annette.

Eric is a self-motivator and didn’t want to be told what to do. He likes how his coach, Cassie, has respected his boundaries and still found ways to help him make changes. Talking with Cassie about how his genetics impact his exercise recovery time really hit home. It’s helped him better understand what he can expect from himself as he ages.

Marie Annette wanted something different from her coaching relationship—someone who would check-in often and keep her accountable to her goals. Her coach, Mary Margaret, has been a perfect fit. Marie Annette’s cortisol curve helped her understand just how much the stress of her late-night work was impacting her body—and it instigated important changes.

“It’s beautiful to have this place where we can speak the same language, where we can encourage each other. We feel like we’re doing this aging process together,” she said, “We want to love each other … as long as we can.”

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