Making Health a Top Priority

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Kirby, Member since Aug. 2015
Member since Aug. 2015

“I really had one goal, which was to make my health the top priority in my life … which is no small feat, because I’ve been trying to make it a top priority for twenty years, and I couldn’t.”

For Kirby, 12 hour days and constant travel had long been the norm. But after selling his business in 2015, he began to notice just how much this lifestyle had taken its toll: “When I started Arivale my blood pressure was terrible. I had huge inflammation problems. I was pre-diabetic.”

Kirby knew his diet wasn’t perfect, but he’d never been able to keep up healthy habits for long. Having the support and accountability of a coach helped him tackle changes in a way that felt sustainable. “I initially resist change and need to talk through it,” he said, “Ginger is great at recognizing that, being respectful, and still finding ways to help me move forward.”

Kirby and his coach, Ginger, focused on what lifestyle factors—specifically dietary—may be influencing his out-of-range markers: “I was able to start where I needed to start. Ginger helped me set initial goals and then, slowly expand them.”

Now, after working with an Arivale Coach for over a year, Kirby feels transformed. “Virtually everything that’s measurable about my health is in the positive.” He’s excited to rediscover activities he used to love—like playing sports or maybe even getting into competitive runs.

“People are blown away. I haven’t been 190 pounds since I played football freshman year in college, back in 1992.”

“Kirby is highly motivated and action-oriented. He’s always on the top of my FitBit list of ‘friends’ as far as getting in steps daily. We have to keep adjusting his physical activity goals because he is so committed. It is a joy working with him!” — Ginger H., MS RDN CD

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