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Jessica, Member since 2016
Member since 2016

Jessica was a personal trainer for seven years. Today, she’s a time-pressed professional in a corporate office and the mother of three kids. “I’ve always had a background in wellness and health, but when you go into the corporate world, you don’t take care of yourself quite as well as when you’re in a gym all day,” Jessica says. “I wasn’t implementing those things the way I should.”

Before joining Arivale, Jessica’s stress peaked as her self-care slumped. She knew life could be better, even as she made strong contributions to her workplace. Jessica says, “I have an incredibly busy schedule, but you can be busy and still be joyful.”

What made a difference? Coaching.

“Sometimes I don’t think outside the box on ways I could take care of myself,” Jessica says.

During coaching phone calls, Jessica was asked questions like: Are you eating the right foods? Fitting in workouts? And, “Are there areas where I can help you?”

Jessica appreciates the accountability that came with a coaching. “I know I’m the type of person, where, if I don’t have somebody to check in with, I’ll put things by the wayside.”

“I love how Coach Stasi presented all the insight into my genetics and the areas of my health,” Jessica says. “She knew the ins and outs of everything she presented to me, almost as much as if I were to see a doctor.”

Stasi helped Jessica navigate the course of her day, cope with stress, and give herself permission to pause. Jessica set a work-day goal: “Step out of your office for ten minutes. Go see this beautiful campus. Take a minute to decompress. Just be.”

Jessica’s husband says he can see the difference in her stress level. Looking back on all the small steps toward better wellness, Jessica says, “I didn’t realize how important they were.”

A breath of fresh air and practical ways to change. “I needed Arivale to fit it in,” Jessica says. “I was at a point in my life where I didn’t know how to balance. Arivale helped show me how.”

Jessica’s Arivale experience has redefined how she wants to live. “Working straight through eight hours, never taking a moment, eating at my desk—I don’t want to go back to that again.” And now? “For me, it’s developing a new brain wavelength. The old Jessica’s gone. This is the new. This is how I’m going to roll.”

“In committing to her self-care, Jessica is able to give more to the special people in her life, and in turn is energized by exercise, sleep, and hydration.”– Coach Stasi K., MS, RDN, CSSD, CD, CSCS, CE

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