Discovering Early Signs of a Serious Condition

Jennifer, Member since June 2015
Member since June 2015

Jennifer has always been health conscious. She’s active. She eats well. She has even completed the Seattle-to-Portland bike race seven times. But she always felt unsure whether her hard work was actually doing anything. It felt like throwing darts at the wall, hoping something would hit the target.

Jennifer’s first lab results showed she was quite healthy overall, but needed to fine-tune a few things, like inflammation. When she refreshed her bloodwork six months later, it was clear her actions were making a positive impact on her body. However, one liver enzyme—Gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase or GGT—was alarmingly high.

Her Arivale Coach, Kristie, immediately recommended she speak to her doctor.

“I felt like, wow, Kristie is my true partner in this,” Jennifer said, “What blew me away is when she checked in with me to be sure I had been to the doctor. She was at home burning the midnight oil on my behalf.”

Jennifer was diagnosed with fatty liver disease, a serious but reversible condition. Through treatment from her doctor, she was able to get her condition under control.

“Arivale may have saved my life.”

Jennifer is determined to improve her health, and I have enjoyed helping her achieve her goals. I look forward to celebrating with her when she completes her next STP race! — Kristie L., MS RDN CD

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