Reaching Her Goal Weight

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Heather, Member since June 2015
Member since June 2015

For the last 20 years, Heather prioritized her career. The impact of hard work and frequent travel was adding up, and Heather joined Arivale ready to make big changes in her life: “As I go past my mid-forties, I really wanted to make sure that I was set up for success to continue living the life that I love.”

Before joining Arivale, Heather successfully lost 25 pounds; however, her weight loss had plateaued. She looked to Arivale to help continue her healthy transformation. “After seeing my baseline data results and where I was red or yellow, I wanted to know exactly what I could do to get to green,” she said.

As part of her wellness action plan, Heather continued to focus on her weight loss goals and implemented an anti-inflammatory diet comprised of 70 percent plant-based foods.

“Arivale takes away the guesswork. Coach Kristie was amazing in supporting me in reaching my goals. She took all this data and translated it for me.”

When she refreshed her data, Heather saw powerful results. She had lost more weight and made significant improvements in her heart health and diabetes risk: “It wasn’t like I woke up one day and it was all great—it was little changes over time and commitment. I started seeing results.”

“I have so much more energy than a year ago. I’m thriving at work. I’m thriving in my friendships. I’m sleeping well. I just feel really good.”

“Working with Heather was an absolute delight. I love that she’s really open and honest about what she needs. I look forward to seeing what she can accomplish!” — Kristie L., MS RDN CD

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