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Donal, Member since 2016
Member since 2016

Donal used to find comfort in junk food. When he worked at a company that did not prioritize work-life balance, he felt stressed and became overweight. He didn’t like how he looked or felt. He was painfully aware that he needed a change.

Donal landed a new role at another company, and when Arivale became an option, he seized it. His overall goal was simple: “Be happier.” He wanted to take care of his daughter, prioritize a good relationship with his wife, and end the stress.

Arivale Coach Morgan helped Donal find a new path toward a life with mental health at its center. “For me, exercise is a great way of decompressing,” he says. He wanted to build a more active lifestyle and knew he needed a specific goal, settling on joining a friend in hiking the Grand Canyon. Coach Morgan gave him tips on training and hydration.

To Donal, health means increased energy and presence to care for his family. “My daughter has ADHD and anxiety, and that’s taught me to look at the bigger picture on overall health.” As a parent of a daughter with ADHD, he says, you need to be clear and calm.

In addition to the daddy-daughter time Donal treasures, he also attends to his own parents. Donal’s father faces health concerns, and his dad’s hospital stays validate his Arivale engagement. “It’s a wakeup call,” he says. “If you don’t have a healthy lifestyle, it will catch up with you in the end. I want to know what I can do ahead of time to have a higher quality of life for as long as possible.”

Today, the path to wellness feels more accessible. “This is something I would not be able to do on my own,” Donal says. “You should always be trying to be the best person you can be,” and with Arivale, “you have more guidance.”

Arivale coaching helps Donal face the real-life challenges of maintenance, helping him track his nutritional data and consider food choices. More fiber, fewer muffins, more whole grains, less red meat. He’s taking Vitamin D, and after his second blood draw, Donal’s omega-3s are headed in the right direction.

But even with the best intentions, sometimes, it’s just hard. How does Donal power through? “I’m more focused on the immediate than the long term right now. But I’m pretty hopeful, and pretty determined when I want to be,” he says.

“Donal realized the importance of prioritizing his health and wellness despite many obstacles. He was honest, dedicated, and an incredible person to work with.”—Morgan T., MS RDN ACSM Personal Trainer

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