Staying Fit While Aging

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Ali, Member since Dec. 2015
Member since Dec. 2015

A research scientist, Ali’s always looking for ways to incorporate science-based information into his life. He’s fascinated by the ability to use data—especially genetic data—to guide new habits.

As Ali grows older, he’s focused on keeping his changing body operating optimally. It’s an investment, he explained, that will only pay off down the road.

“I’m aging, so for me to keep up with that shifting landscape is a challenge. The coaching, the support, and the community have been instrumental.”

In Coach Ruth Ann, Ali found someone who could bridge the gaps between personal data, research, and concrete actions: “Ruth Ann was tremendous. I cannot speak more highly of her.”

As an Arivale member, Ali is excited about being a pioneer for a new kind of wellness practice: “With Arivale, I am on the forefront of the field. I can translate science into practical interventions. I’m not getting that anywhere else.”

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