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Your journey begins now. Explore the contents of your welcome box and click through for detailed instructions. Please submit your samples within seven days.

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    Saliva Collection

    You will collect saliva samples four times throughout a single day (use our printable template to plan your day) and ZRT Laboratories will measure your cortisol and DHEA levels—important hormones secreted by the adrenal glands that can help show how your body is responding to stress. Follow the instructions and complete your collection within seven days. SALIVA COLLECTION INSTRUCTIONS >

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    Microbiome Collection

    Your gut microbiome (bacteria in your gut) is a fascinating, emerging area of science and wellness. DNA Genotek will report your microbiome diversity and bacterial pattern. Because this area is so new, there currently isn’t much clinical information we can derive from it. As science advances however, experts expect the microbiome will be a cornerstone to optimizing wellness. Follow the instructions and complete your collection within seven days. MICROBIOME COLLECTION INSTRUCTIONS >

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    Fitbit Setup

    We want to get to know you—inside and out. Start wearing your Fitbit right away to begin tracking your activity, sleep, and heart rate. SET UP YOUR FITBIT >

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    Fitbit Aria Scale Setup

    Easily sync your weight to your Arivale Dashboard to track your progress over time. SET UP YOUR ARIA SCALE>

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    Tape Measure

    Measuring your waist circumference is a great way to track your progress if you have a weight loss goal. At the top of your hip bone, bring the tape measure around your body, making sure you keep it parallel with the ground. Note the tape won’t necessarily be at the level of your belly button, or at the smallest part of your waist. The tape should feel snug but not compress the skin.

Please submit your samples within seven days.

Questions? Contact Arivale Concierge at concierge@arivale.com or 206-981-5834.

What will you discover?

Find out how these Pioneers worked with their Arivale Coach to optimize their wellness based on data from their saliva, gut microbiome and Fitbit.

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