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Sandra, Member since 2016
Member since 2016

Sandra knows she’s getting older, and she wants to hike, bike, ski, and be active for the rest of her life. To do so, she needs to stay fit.

Before joining Arivale, Sandra secretly saw her high-impact activity as a chore–“I’m not a knowledgeable athlete,” she says–and suffered muscle cramps on long bike rides. She says she had many healthy habits, but as her outdoor goals grew, she knew she needed a personalized approach.

Since joining Arivale, Sandra’s attitude has shifted. Coach Lisa helped her refine her self-care and gave her practical tips to prepare for big adventures.

Sandra also explored why her past efforts to manage her weight hadn’t been effective despite feeling like she was doing “the right thing.” Lisa provided clarity about why “the right thing” may not be appropriate for Sandra personally. Another important element for Sandra was learning how and why she’s prone to injuries. Stretching and recovery entered the picture.

Professionally, Sandra is an architect and project manager, and she appreciates Arivale’s evidence-driven approach to wellness. The data has been an asset. “There are lots of different things we don’t really know about ourselves until we look at them,” she says.

Sandra says the self-knowledge she’s gained by looking at her vital signs and feeling prepared is life-changing. And she is excited to apply what she’s learned through Arivale long term. “My life-long goal is to be strong, mentally and physically.” She wants to able to bike for 30 or 40 miles and enjoy it.

Two years into the program, Sandra feels empowered to tackle every outdoor challenge.  “With Arivale, I just started enjoying it—to the full extent—because I realized I can do it.”

Best of all, Sandra’s mental picture crystallized. “I started visualizing. ‘What is it I want to do?’ Going on longer trips, being in the mountains. And I started doing it.”

“Sandra’s self-awareness was such an inspiration.” –Lisa M., MPH RDN CD

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