A Step-by-Step Path Out of Obesity

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Robert, Member since 2016
Member since 2016

For Robert, the prospect of getting started with Arivale was terrifying. He was extremely overweight and feared underlying health problems. He asked himself: “What if I’m diabetic and I don’t know it?” It was time to find out. With data, he says, “You can identify the issues and correct them.”

Before Robert joined Arivale, he felt resigned to his body size and endured cycles of dieting. But when he and Arivale Coach Kathleen explored his genetic test results, he learned that he could take charge. Robert says, “I’m no longer obese. I was able to overcome that through the program.”

Robert’s path out of obesity came step by step. One goal was simple: Eat fewer brownie bites. He gained nutritional knowledge and self-awareness. Before, he recalls, “I was not paying attention to the size and proportion of the foods I was eating.”

An incremental pace worked wonders. “Once you feel comfortable,” Robert says, “you take another step. And finally, you get to the point where you’re eating well, and you’re exercising well. And it doesn’t feel like it’s challenging to your body.”

Robert’s steps took him to a new level of wellness. The catalyst: a summer wellness challenge launched by his employer. Each employee tackled two goals.

Robert set the bar high: 1 million steps in two months. He reached that goal in less than six weeks. Then he raised the bar, achieving more than 1.5 million steps the eighth week. Today, Robert logs 20,000 to 25,000 steps per day, rain or shine. When it’s wet, a parking garage provides cover.

His second goal: Clean eating. The Arivale dashboard helped him stay on track. He used it as a tool to ask himself every day: “Am I eating healthy foods?” Robert learned he needed to not just consume a certain number of calories but choose wisely.

After Robert had lost about 70 pounds, he saw a personal trainer to develop more muscle tone. During the second session, the trainer set a big dumbbell on the ground and said, “Pick that up. That’s what you just lost: 70 pounds.” Robert realized how much weight he had been carrying around. Meanwhile, he took on a new pastime: bowling. He realized, “Oh my gosh, I’ve lost seven bowling balls!”

At last count, Robert had lost 90 pounds. And he completed a half marathon. Looking back to his early days with Arivale, he knew he was in it for the long haul. “It really is a change in lifestyle and mindset. I just want to keep going.”

Today, Robert lives with wellness momentum. He has energy and vitality—and he has completely lost his taste for brownies.

“Robert is all in. The sky is the limit with him, and he’s an example of what’s possible: anything you set your mind to.”—Kathleen P., MS RDN

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