Give the gift of
scientific wellness.


Give the gift of scientific wellness.


This holiday season, give a friend or family member the knowledge, tools and personalized support needed to unlock their wellness potential.

How Gifting Arivale Works

Program Purchase

First, you’ll purchase a gift code for your loved one. If you are a Pioneer, you can use your own invite code for $250 off the purchase. You’ll also receive $400 towards the next chapter of your Arivale program.

Special Gift Package

We’ll send you a beautifully packaged gift certificate to present to your loved one. It will include their activation code and more information about the program. Delivery is guaranteed before December 25 on all orders made before December 21.

Activation Code

With their gift code, your loved one will be able to register for the program at any time in the future. Their code never expires. You can elect to simply send them the code via email.


Contact us at and we’ll be back in touch as soon as possible.