Your data belongs to you and will not be shared with anyone without your consent.

  • We meet and exceed strict HIPAA standards—the same that apply to hospitals and medical service providers—to ensure your privacy is protected
  • We have a robust privacy program, which includes technical and physical safeguards, compliance monitoring, and extensive employee training
  • Our coaching process, from registration to ongoing coaching, is built in such a way that your privacy preferences are recorded and respected
  • Only your coach and coach support staff will have access to your personal information, and only for purposes related to the program


We have extensive security and a team dedicated to the protection of your data.

  • Your data is hosted on a secure dashboard with encryption protecting data in transit and in storage
  • We have security controls at multiple levels within our cloud-hosted infrastructure
  • Regular security testing is performed by external partners to identify any vulnerabilities and take appropriate action

Authorization For Research

You can elect to share your de-identified data with our scientific team.

  • Sharing your data for research is encouraged, but not required. Over 90 percent of members consent to share their data for research.
  • We remove all personal identifying information
  • Your de-identified genetic and health information is added to our database and studied in aggregate
  • You can withdraw your consent at any time