Features and Pricing

Take an in-depth, comprehensive look at what’s included in Arivale’s program with our free program guide.

When you join the Arivale program, you begin your journey with our baseline program. Over the course of the year, you’ll work with your Arivale Coach to translate the language of your body—your data—into a clear, actionable and personalized wellness plan. We take a systems approach to your wellness and empower you to make lifestyle changes that last. After you’ve completed your baseline year, you can choose one of four program paths to continue your journey to wellness.

*All independent CLIA-certified labs are ordered and reviewed by an external physician.

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    Personal Arivale Coach

    Throughout the program, you’ll work directly with a personal Arivale Coach who will help translate your data and hold you accountable to making lasting changes. Our coaching team is made up of expert clinicians and behavior change specialists—including Registered Dietitian Nutritionists, Certified Nutritionists, and Registered Nurses—all of whom have a solid foundation in functional nutrition and a systems approach to wellness.

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    Genetic Analysis

    With your Arivale Coach, explore genes related to weight management, fitness and wellness—and integrate them with your blood and saliva measurements.

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    2 Blood Analyses

    With your Arivale Coach, deep dive into 80+ blood measurements and integrate them with your saliva, genetics and lifestyle data. You’ll complete a second, tailored blood draw after six months.

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    1 Saliva Analysis

    Track your cortisol— an important hormone secreted by the adrenal glands that can help show how your body responds to stress.

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    1 Gut Microbiome Analysis

    Your gut microbiome is a fascinating, emerging area of science and wellness. Talk with your Arivale Coach about the diversity of bacteria in your gut and how it might relate to your overall wellness.

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    1 Fitbit Activity Tracker

    Gain insights into your lifestyle through activity, heart rate, and sleep tracking—all of which links to your Arivale Dashboard.

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    Arivale App

    Track your habits, hunger, and goals with our iPhone app. You can easily communicate with your Coach, spark the power of self-awareness, and build habits to make lasting changes. Learn more >

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    Personalized Wellness Dashboard

    From your Arivale Dashboard, explore your body’s key systems that relate to wellness through six health dimensions: Heart Health, Diabetes Risk, Inflammation, Optimal Nutrition, Healthy Aging, and Stress Management. Dive into the Arivale dashboard >

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    Monthly Calls (or More) and Unlimited Text/Email Check-ins with Arivale Coach

    Your Arivale Coach is with you every step of the way.

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    Concierge Service

    Throughout your journey, you’ll have access to a concierge service to answer any questions, help set up blood draws, etc.

Pricing Options

We have two payment options for your first twelve month program. The one-time plan is $3,499. The monthly plan is $1,999 paid now, plus eleven monthly payments of $145.