Steve was ready to “lose the effing weight.”

Working as a physical therapist for the last forty years, Steve spent his time helping others get into shape, often letting his own health take a back seat. After a wake-up call from his doctor four years ago, he’d been trying to get his weight under control. He even co-founded the “Just Lose the Effing Weight Club,” comprised of about 15 of his high school friends. The only problem was … he wasn’t losing weight. Four years and little progress.

Steve joined Arivale in October with the goal to retire healthy in March. When his first blood results came in, Steve learned it was not just his weight that was the problem. He was also at risk for diabetes.

His Arivale Coach, Ginger, helped him devise a personalized roadmap focusing on physical activity and specific adjustments to his diet. Steve started tracking his meals, changed his portion sizes, worked to cut out processed foods, reduced carbohydrates, and started replacing sugars and salts with other seasonings like cinnamon to bring out the flavors. He also went from exercising three times a week to four.

Steve’s story is especially powerful because HE did the hard work. He accepted that he needed to take responsibility and went for it. He’s an amazing person.

— Coach Ginger

My dad’s 97, I want to make it to 100. I think I have the genes, I know I have the right attitude, and now, with Arivale, I’ve got the plan.

— Pioneer Steve

“It’s a team effort,” he says, “The data is helpful as is Ginger’s summation of what to do … And then it’s on my shoulders to do it!

Within four months, Steve improved 19 of his biomarkers, lost a significant amount of weight and lowered his cholesterol and blood sugar levels.*

 Measurement (unit)  1st Blood Draw (Oct. 16, 2015)  2nd Blood Draw (Feb. 9, 2016)*
 Weight (lbs) green green
Total Cholesterol (mg/dL) Red green
HDL, or Good Cholesterol (mg/dL) Red green
Triglycerides (mg/DL) Red Red
Hemoglobin A1C (reflects average blood sugar over 3 months) Red yellow
Insulin (MICRO U/ML) Red Red

“Everything’s better when you’re in better shape,” he says, “I’ve had to buy new clothes. No more baggy butts! I feel like I’m in better shape than maybe 10 or even 15 years ago.”

When we last checked in with Steve, he was five days away from retirement and five pounds away from his weight goal. He’s planning to move to his retirement beach house, stay active and spend his time doing the things he loves like boating, fishing, and maybe even getting back to flying planes.

“Dare to try,” he says, “That’s my motto for Arivale and for life.”

*The power of Scientific Wellness is that each story is unique. No one else has your genes, your environment, and your lifestyle choices. The improvements in clinical labs and biometrics referenced above are specific to each individual and represent the close, often hard, work they’ve done with their Arivale Coach. They are not necessarily indicative of your journey. Your journey to optimized wellness will always be unique to you.