“I told everyone I was dragged in. And now, I’m very happy.”

Nikki’s a daredevil. She scuba dives, cycles, travels, and as she puts it, does “a lot of stuff people my age don’t do.” Though she was health conscious after past heart issues, she wasn’t the type to seek out a program like Arivale.

“Whatever will be will be, that was always my attitude,” she says.

Then, her husband threw her a curveball. After reading an article about Arivale, he came to Nikki and said, “We’re doing this.”

“We? Who’s we?” she said.

Though she was resistant at first, Nikki eventually—like she does with most things—dove in full force.

“I really didn’t think it would do anything,” she says, “But, after the data came back, we started following what we were told to do by our Coach, Elisha. I started taking specific supplements and even though I already ate healthy, made some huge changes to my diet including adding fish and plant-based foods. And all of a sudden, I’d lost weight, even though that wasn’t one of my goals. I was feeling much better.”

“It’s been wonderful,” she adds.

She is a joy to work with, full of vibrancy and very curious about how all of these different aspects of her health interplay. She’s a woman in her early 70s, and she is one of the most engaged in life people I have ever met. She takes life by the horns in every way.

— Coach Elisha

I look forward to receiving Elisha’s emails. Talking with her is what I enjoy most about the Program. She’s so helpful, and I’m learning so much.

— Pioneer Nikki

Through working very diligently, Nikki’s biomarkers in the red began moving to green.

Measurement 1st Blood Draw
(Oct. 13, 2015)
2nd Blood Draw
(Feb. 3, 2016)
Homocysteine Red green
Fasting Insulin Red green
HOMA-IR Red green
IL-6 Red green

One of the unexpected benefits for Nikki is that she’s finally been able to get her husband to eat healthy. For example, Elisha recommended replacing sweets in their candy bowl with mixed nuts. “I’ve been trying to correct his eating habits for years,” she says, “And now, it’s happening. This program has done wonders for him.”

Nikki and her husband convinced their son and daughter-in-law to enroll as well. She says their family now talks about their health a lot more and supports each other in the program.

“I’m looking forward to cooking healthy for us and our kids too. It’s all about finding a way to make your favorite foods work. I’m eating beets again and I love them. I’m eating things I should have been eating all along.”

“I told everyone I was dragged in. And now, I’m very happy.”

*The power of Scientific Wellness is that each story is unique. No one else has your genes, your environment, and your lifestyle choices. The improvements in clinical labs and biometrics referenced above are specific to each individual and represent the close, often hard, work they’ve done with their Arivale Coach. They are not necessarily indicative of your journey. Your journey to optimized wellness will always be unique to you.