“I feel like I found the owner’s manual to my body after all these years.”

Marty’s the guy who writes daily affirmations on his social media pages to inspire his network. He’s relentlessly positive, but also knows that his positivity goes hand in hand with his health. For him, being healthy is what allows him to keep his energy up during the day to appreciate everything around him and do the things he loves.

The problem was, he didn’t always feel healthy. Marty would go through periods where he felt fit and ready to take on the world, and other times where he would gain weight and lose his energy. When he heard about Arivale, he initially signed up because he wanted clarity around his body and what was driving ups and downs in wellness.

“When I saw my genetics, it validated a lot. I knew that I ate too much sugar, but I learned that a bigger issue for me is saturated fat. I have a gene associated with a high sensitivity to saturated fat and that the sugary foods I was eating were packed with it. I also learned I wasn’t able to process vitamin B, and all the really quality, expensive brand-name vitamins I was taking didn’t have the things my body actually needed and had some things I shouldn’t have been taking—for example, I found out I was getting too much iron.”

Marty says he used to read a new article about this vitamin or that and then, he’d go out and buy it. Now, empowered with knowledge about what his body currently needs, he’s down to three supplements—magnesium, B vitamins and omega-3.

Marty has put his positivity and enthusiasm to work for him from Day 1 of the program. The day we reviewed his genetics, it was clear Marty had made some strong connections between the data and his experience. He has used that information to fuel his motivation in making a number of significant changes.

— Coach Stephanie

My Coach really helped me understand the context—it’s not like I’m out there on the Internet reading everything possible and not knowing what to do. Thankfully, too, because I don’t have the time.

— Pioneer Marty

Though Marty was initially more interested in his genetics than his weight, after following his Coach’s recommendations to make specific adjustments to his diet and exercise regime, he dropped substantial weight in his first year.

“It’s hard to exercise when you’re overweight and not eating right. Everything hurts. I’m not a runner, but I can get a good walking pace going. I used to get sore and inflamed after a long walk, but now I don’t notice anything.”

Measurement  1st Blood Draw
(Dec. 9, 2015)
2nd Blood Draw
(April 18, 2016)
Insulin Red green
HOMA-IR Red green
Omega-3 Index Red green
Waist Circumference Red green

Marty now feels like he has the knowledge and support to help maintain his health for years to come. For him, it was about understanding the whole system and how everything impacts your body—how everything is intertwined. As he describes it, it feels like he found the owner’s manual to his body after all these years.

“I think Arivale is going to help me solve a lifetime problem. When I’m feeling good, everything is great. Arivale’s helping me get to great, and I want to feel great for the rest of my life.”

December 2015 and May 2016

*The power of Scientific Wellness is that each story is unique. No one else has your genes, your environment, and your lifestyle choices. The improvements in clinical labs and biometrics referenced above are specific to each individual and represent the close, often hard, work they’ve done with their Arivale Coach. They are not necessarily indicative of your journey. Your journey to optimized wellness will always be unique to you.