“I’m a young, healthy, active guy. I go to the doctor once a year. I’m normal weight. I had just done an Ironman. I thought I was the epitome of health … and I was shocked to hear that I wasn’t.”

Jonathan does it all. He’s an academic, a triathlete, a performing arts enthusiast, and a new dad. As a data-driven Finance Professor, Jonathan has always loved finding answers by diving into the numbers. As he puts it, “What’s fascinating about data is that you can ask questions and find answers that are not obvious.”

When it came to optimizing his health, Jonathan noticed a clear pattern. He would recognize he wasn’t being as healthy as he could, drastically change his behavior for two to four months, get exhausted, and then fall back into his old habits.

Jonathan was introduced to the Arivale program through his wife—who works at Arivale. They were about to welcome their first child and move into a new home, and things felt busier than ever. Jonathan was looking for something different—something more directed and intentional—to help support his health in this period of change: “My belief is that I don’t want to be doing a bunch of fad diets. I don’t want to be doing something that hasn’t been thoroughly tested. I want clear indicators and goals that I can implement and see the difference.”

Jonathan’s initial goals were to improve his fitness, sleep, and build healthy habits that were sustainable. A health optimizer, he was surprised to find that the conventional guidelines he’d followed for maintaining optimal health were not yielding completely optimal results.

“I’m a young, healthy, active guy. I go to the doctor once a year. I’m normal weight. I had just done an Ironman. I thought I was the epitome of health … and I was shocked to hear that I wasn’t.”

Despite being very active and maintaining a healthy weight, after receiving his baseline blood results, he discovered that his cholesterol was elevated—something that had long gone undetected. When his genetics came in, he and his Coach discovered that he indeed had a genetic marker that could impact blood lipid profiles.

The changes his Arivale Coach, Jessica, suggested were small. In fact, they seemed too small to him at first. But after working with his Coach for a few months, he learned that small, specific changes—like adjusting the light setting on his computer at night and adding chia seeds to his cereal—actually made a difference.

Just as importantly, his Coach helped him make behavior adjustments that matched his lifestyle. As someone who also considers “not cooking” one of his hobbies, his Arivale Coach helped him find crock pot recipes that met his dietary needs and allowed him to stay under his time-spent-in-the-kitchen quota.

“There was no ‘a-ha’ moment, but in a good way. The changes I made were so uneventful. It wasn’t like I changed my whole life routine, and yet, I saw big results,” Jonathan explains.

 1st Blood Draw
(Aug. 8, 2015)
 2nd Blood Draw
(Dec. 17, 2015)*
 3rd Blood Draw
(April 22, 2016)*
Total Cholesterol (mg/dL) Red Red green
LDL Particle Number Red yellow yellow
LDL (mg/dL) Red Red yellow
Systolic Blood Pressure yellow green green

Jonathan started his Arivale journey right before he was about to experience one of life’s most pivotal changes—the arrival of his first child! Being healthy for his family while also achieving his performance goals was an incredible motivator. Jonathan comes to all our calls with positivity, openness to experiment and explore, and commitment to his goals. He is the perfect example of how little changes can lead to lasting and impactful outcomes.

— Coach Jessica

I think of things in terms of their marginal costs and benefits. The cost of the program was less than maintaining my car for a year. I’d rather spend it on maintaining my own body—I don’t get the chance to buy a new one.

— Pioneer Jonathan

“When my son was born, I was able to take on Arivale as an all-encompassing life-evaluation and still improve my life while I was raising my first child. I learned it’s feasible to do regardless of how busy your life gets.”

“I actually started sleeping better after the baby arrived, which as most parents know, is unheard of,” he laughs.

What’s next for Jonathan? He is running an ultramarathon this summer!

*The power of Scientific Wellness is that each story is unique. No one else has your genes, your environment, and your lifestyle choices. The improvements in clinical labs and biometrics referenced above are specific to each individual and represent the close, often hard, work they’ve done with their Arivale Coach. They are not necessarily indicative of your journey. Your journey to optimized wellness will always be unique to you.