“What works for your body, your genetics—that doesn’t lie. It’s been transformational for me.”

For the last 20 years, Heather prioritized her career. She suspected the hard work and travel were taking their toll and signed up for Arivale, determined to reclaim her health and wellness. Even before starting the Arivale program, Heather had successfully lost 25 pounds. She looked to Arivale to help continue her healthy transformation.

For Heather, the Arivale dashboard was fascinating: “After seeing my baseline data results and where I was red/yellow, I wanted to know exactly what I could do to help move to green.” As part of her action plan, Heather continued to focus on her weight loss strategies and an anti-inflammatory diet comprised of 70 percent plant-based foods. After her lab results, she started taking a multivitamin with active forms of Vitamin B12 and folate to counter certain genetic variants that some studies have associated with those deficiencies.

“Arivale takes away a lot of the guesswork. Coach Kristie has been amazing in supporting me in reaching my goals. She’s taken all this data and translated it for me.”

Four months later, at her second lab results, Heather saw powerful results: she had lost more weight and made significant improvements in her heart health and diabetes risk.

Working with Heather is an absolute delight. I love that she’s been really open and honest about what she needs, and I congratulate her on surpassing her initial goals. I look forward to seeing what she accomplishes next!

— Coach Kristie

Everyone is asking me what I’m doing to get so fit and of course, Arivale is a part of it, so I love spreading the news. I really think this is the future of wellness.

— Pioneer Heather

 Measurement (unit)  1st Blood Draw (July 2015)  2nd Blood Draw (November 2015)*
Folate (NG/ML) green green
LDL, or Bad Cholesterol (mg/dL) yellow green
HDL, or Good Cholesterol (mg/dL) green green
Triglycerides (mg/DL) green green
Homocysteine (umol/L) Red green

*The power of Scientific Wellness is that each story is unique. No one else has your genes, your environment, and your lifestyle choices. The improvements in clinical labs and biometrics referenced above are specific to each individual and represent the close, often hard, work they’ve done with their Arivale Coach. They are not necessarily indicative of your journey. Your journey to optimized wellness will always be unique to you.