A Lifetime of Wellness

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Get the long-term support you need to keep making changes, big and small.

Consistent Testing

Track your progress and monitor any changes by refreshing your blood work every six months.

More Insights

Let’s make your picture more complete with ongoing genetic insights.

Unlimited Coaching

Continue working with your coach or choose a new one. Either way, you’ll have long-term dedicated support.

Membership is about making lasting changes. Here’s how your coach can help over time:

  • New action items with each call
  • Calls as often as you need them
  • Long-term focus—set some big goals like finishing a marathon or reaching a goal weight
  • Dedicated support—your coach will get to know you and what works for you

Blood Draws Every Six Months

Track your progress and monitor any changes.

Since you’ve already had your first blood draw, you’ll unlock your next blood draw after four months of membership (and then every six months thereafter).

This updated data will help you and your coach decipher what’s working, what needs adjusting, and what you should focus on next.

Get started today.

Kickstart your wellness journey by unlocking your genetics and 40+ health markers, analyzing your lifestyle, and consulting with an Arivale Coach.

Questions? We have answers.

Wellness is a lifetime journey and significant change takes time. By joining our membership program, you’ll gain long-term tracking and support to build lasting habits. You’ll work with your coach as your goals evolve, and with continuous blood refreshes, we’ll be able to flag issues that require medical follow up. Learn more about our membership program.

After you’ve joined Arivale, you can log into your dashboard and navigate to your membership page. Simply click the “Activate My Membership” button. You will be asked to reconfirm your address and payment information.

The cost of Arivale membership is $199/month. This monthly cost includes unlimited coaching, new insights from our research team, blood draws every six months, and unlimited support through the Arivale app.

No. You can cancel any time. It’s entirely up to you.

Yes. We understand that life happens, and we designed the Arivale program to be as flexible as possible.