Access to Records Request and Release

Arivale values your privacy and the security of your Personal Health Information (PHI). In order to ensure that your PHI remains protected, we deliver it to you using a secure and encrypted application. Some customers have requested that we simply communicate with them via regular email or regular text message. Under federal law, your PHI is your own, and you may request delivery of it in any way that we mutually agree upon. However, we want to ensure that you understand that there is an increased risk of exposure of your PHI if we deliver it via unsecured email or via text message/SMS.

To receive your communications, even those that may contain PHI, directly to your email or mobile phone, you agree to the following:

I request that Arivale send me electronic communications using my standard SMS/text functions on my mobile phone and/or via the email address I have supplied. I understand that these communications tools are not secure and do not meet industry standards for protecting my Personal Health Information (PHI). I understand that using these communication tools may risk exposure of my PHI to other parties.

I hereby release Arivale from any responsibility associated with my PHI being received, intercepted, or otherwise accessed by individuals other than myself. I understand that I can revoke this request in writing by sending an email to Arivale will have 5 business days from the email’s receipt to change my communication preferences.