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Laura, Member since 2016
Member since 2016

Laura first joined Arivale to honor her little girl. She comes from what she calls an “unhealthy background,” and as the mom of a toddler, she wanted to model a dedication to wellness.

Laura had gained significant weight when she was pregnant, and although she still thought of herself as the 115-pound athlete she had been in high school, she started the program at more than 200 pounds. “To be that high in weight was disheartening,” she says. By working with her coach “to learn the healthy habits, the right foods to eat” she says she lost almost 40 pounds in one year.

Laura’s first blood draw, in March 2016, showed her as trending toward a pre-diabetic condition. When knee troubles kept her from running, she started strength training. She shared her Arivale lab results with her doctor and benefited from the extra insight. Laura worked out three days a week, drank six to eight bottles of water a day, and felt better. She says, “I learned that I do have the discipline to stick with it.”

But as life goes, there were setbacks. In December, the “winter blues” kicked in, lasting until spring.  Talking with her coach, Katelyn, helped Laura pull through. “I’ve suffered small bouts of depression over the past few years. I would go to the gym, and then I would start feeling better,” she says. “Talking with my coach made a huge difference.”

In June 2017, Laura hurt her foot during a race. And in September of that year, she suffered a profound loss: Her mom, who suffered from type 2 diabetes, died of a stroke. The emotional pain was devastating. Laura gained back 10 pounds.

Every bereavement experience is unique. For Laura, comfort came in her relationship with Katelyn: “She’s been helping me keep moving forward.” The wellness check-ins helped Laura heal. Reminders: You need food in the house. Self-care questions: What are your meal plans? Are you able to fit in exercise right now?

Laura's Arivale before-and-after photos.

Today, Laura pushes her 30-pound daughter in a 30-pound jogging stroller. Clothes that had been untouched in her closet for four years are too big.

Laura renewed her membership, largely because of her bond with Katelyn. “It would be really hard to lose that relationship right now.”

Yes, Katelyn provides mentorship. Yes, Laura appreciates the push “to get it done.” But the connection surpasses the dietary checklist.

“Every now and then there’s an option to switch coaches,” Laura says. No. Not a chance. “I love her. Katelyn has been a fantastic part of this journey, and she has helped me so much.”

 “Laura wanted to empower her daughter and instead she is taking control of her life and empowering herself.”— Katelyn M.

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