Launching a New Industry—Scientific Wellness

Arivale Team,
Arivale Team

What does it take to launch a new industry? A clear vision and passionate clients. Our clients, or Pioneers as we call them, are laser-focused on optimizing their wellness based on:

  • Personalized data
  • Tailored coaching
  • Actionable recommendations

And this month, we’re hard at work spreading the word about the benefits of Scientific Wellness.

In fact, Arivale CEO and co-founder Clayton Lewis spoke at two major events this week: The State of Technology Luncheon, the premier annual event of Washington’s innovation community and Xconomy’s Annual Seattle’s Life Science Disruptors Forum, which included big names, fresh faces, and cutting-edge ideas in biotechnology, medicine, information technology, and public health.

The State of Technology Luncheon brought together more than 1,000 leaders from different industries in this region to gain insights and perspectives from technology visionaries—and to celebrate innovation in the Seattle tech community. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella served as keynote speaker.


“When you join Arivale, we are going to create a dense dynamic data cloud—all about you.” —Clayton Lewis, Arivale CEO

Clayton shared the importance of coaching paired with personalized data, and also posed the question: “What are you doing to optimize your wellness today to live the life you want to live now—and 20 years from now.”

Hosted by Xconomy, Seattle’s Life Science Disruptors celebrated, “Some of the most forward-thinking scientists, entrepreneurs, and investors from Seattle and beyond whose work is shaking up entrenched healthcare practices.”


“It’s all about the Coaches! They translate the data in ways that are actionable—today, next year and hopefully for decades to come.” —Clayton Lewis, Arivale CEO


We’re honored to be invited to share the groundbreaking work happening every day at Arivale as we pioneer a new industry—Scientific Wellness. We are challenging the status quo, and we will continue to share the momentum with you.  Thank you for traveling on this journey with us.