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Kara, Member since 2016
Member since 2016

Kara leads a life of intensity and purpose. She has a demanding career, attends to a family business on the weekends, and cares for her teenage daughter.

Before joining Arivale, Kara experienced good health. She loved running and the energy that comes with physical fitness. She didn’t need to lose weight. Rather, the catalyst for change was subtle: “I could be a healthier me.”

Kara was inspired by the opportunity to gain scientific data about the state of her health. “Knowledge is freedom,” she says. “It’s such a gift to have the information of your genetics, what your blood is doing, and what your mind is doing.”

She was also seeking freedom from the drain of her do-it-all mindset. “I felt like my life was out of control,” she says. “I have lists for everything, and I realized I wasn’t actually getting the things done that mattered to me or could make me happy.”

Given her big and busy life, Kara craved consistency. With new tools and habits introduced to her by Arivale Coach Lisa, she began to gain a sense of control over her health and wellness.

Part of achieving consistency meant Kara herself had to commit. She took supplements that changed her blood results for the better.

The first year seemed the easiest to stick with it. But when Kara ran out of her supplements and didn’t buy more, she witnessed the outcome in her numbers. “I could see that by not following through, I drastically affected what was going on with my blood and my health.” She adds, “It was interesting to see how something as simple as that can affect my health and well-being.”

Now Kara knows that fluctuations are natural—and how to rebound. If she can’t squeeze in a workout, she’ll take her dog for an extra walk.

“It’s a life lesson for myself, and my daughter,” she says, crediting the Arivale experience with compassion for herself. “My daughter realizes Arivale is important to me. It’s important for us to put ourselves first sometimes, and my daughter has really taken that to heart.”

Given Arivale’s insight into her genetic expression and the support offered by coaching, Kara has found calm. “It’s helped me be a better mother, a better partner, and a better person.”

“Kara recognizes that each goal is only one of her goals, and she’s primed to start on the next one as soon as she’s achieved it.”—Lisa M., MPH RDN CD

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