Your health coaching may be covered by some insurance plans.

May Be Covered:
Nutritional Coaching

  • Months in which you've had at least 1 coaching call may be covered by your insurance.

Note: Canceled coaching calls and coaching calls scheduled for future months do not qualify.

Not Currently Covered:
Blood + Genetics

  • Months in which you receive a blood draw are not currently covered by insurance.

Note: Individuals participating in a clinical trial with Arivale are not eligible.

Request a receipt of services to date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Receipts and records for Arivale services are provided as a courtesy to our members and should not be submitted to federal or state health/insurance plans such as, but not limited to, Medicare or Medicaid for reimbursement.  Arivale does not provide tax or benefits advice and is not responsible for a health/insurance plan’s decision to submit or reimburse any claim for services incurred or not. It is your responsibility to contact a representative of your insurance coverage provider.