Extreme personalization.
From your DNA up.

Your body is different from everyone else’s. Your mind, even more so. To deliver a genuinely personalized wellness roadmap, we approach your body and mind from four directions—your genome, blood and saliva, gut microbiome, and lifestyle—which exponentially increases the number of data points. It’s the difference between generic advice like “eat more vegetables” and our “based on your DNA and lab work you are best suited for a Mediterranean diet.”

Connecting your dots,
inside and out.

At the risk of sounding academic, you are a system. A system made up of systems, to be exact. Each one working in tandem with the others, each one affecting the others. Often, one area of health-related data is treated as separate from others, which is why it’s sometimes confusing to know what lifestyle advice to actually follow. Our integrative—or systems—approach holistically gathers, connects, and analyzes your data to create a complete picture of you, all 360 degrees of you.

Not just knowledge,
but what to do with it, too.

We tailor our clothes, customize our cars, and even choose our ringtones with a great deal of care. And yet, our physical, mental, and emotional wellness is often relegated to clichés, trends, and even guesswork. At Arivale, we don’t guess. We base our recommendations—your roadmap—on your personal data story, that 360-degree view of you. Each recommendation is specific to you, highly detailed, thoroughly prioritized, and actually doable in the real world.

Data can feel impersonal. So we give you your own personal coach.

The best coaches are mentors, partners, and guides. More than simply telling you what to do, they explain why. This is the type of coach you will have—one who understands you inside and out, and bridges the gap between where you are now and what you aspire to achieve. Because success is never a solo endeavor, and because coaches like to win too.