We Help You Manage Your Health. Here's How We Do It.

Step 1: We get to know you.

On your Arivale dashboard, tell us about your health, frustrations, diet, lifestyle, family history, and goals.

Meeting You Where You Are

Your answers help us learn what you’ve already tried, what has and hasn’t worked in the past, and what you’re ready and able to do right now.

This is the first step in creating a unique health program that matches your unique self.

Did you know your genetics can reveal:

  • Whether you're more likely to gain weight from fat or carbs.
  • Your risk for regaining weight after losing it.
  • Your predispositions around exercise recovery and injury.
  • Your risks for high BMI and high waist circumference.

Step 2: Choose your health coach.

Choose one of our 60+ certified nutritionists to be your person, someone who can save you time and stress when it comes to your health.

Working With Your Coach

Work with your coach on the phone or through the Arivale app. The form and frequency of coaching depends on your goals, needs, and schedule.

No time for a call? No problem. Chat with your coach via the app. We’ll save you time through meal planning, daily health reminders, restaurant advice, and more.

The Arivale App

  • Chat with coaches to get expert answers, recipe ideas, fitness reminders, and more.
  • Log and track your meals, blood pressure, weight, and more.
  • View your genetics and blood markers and track your disease risk over time.
  • Stay motivated by viewing your custom plan and checking off goals.
  • Schedule blood draws and coaching calls.

Step 3: Get a plan tailored just to you.

Your coach will develop a completely customized plan to manage your health frustrations and meet your health goals based on your body and what’s achievable with your schedule.

A Plan Optimized Over Time

Don’t waste time and energy on what’s not working. You and your coach will adapt your plan over time based on what’s working and what’s not, finding the small changes you can make to get big results.

Life and goals change, your plan should, too.

Step 4: Add data when you need it.

If it fits your goals, take a deep dive into your body. Your coach will explain your data and show you how to use it to better manage your health.


Take the frustration out of your health by working with your body, not against it.


See how your DNA is manifesting, refine your health plan, and reduce your risks.


Learn how a metabolite produced by gut bacteria interacts with diet to impact your heart.


Find out if stress may be increasing your risk of heart disease and weight gain.

Get Started Today

Join Arivale now and work one on one with a health coach on a plan to manage your health customized to your life and goals.

Not quite ready to sign up? Email questions@arivale.com or call 206-905-6576 to get more info from one of our experts.