Rebuilding an Active Life After Back Pain

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Dale, Member since 2016
Member since 2016

For much of his career, Dale was on his feet—active and relatively healthy. But at age 60, he’s noticing the impact of the transition to mostly sedentary and sometimes stressful desk work.

Cholesterol, blood pressure, and other health markers started to merit attention. Dale struggled with debilitating lower back pain and rarely worked out. He thought to himself, “I’ve got to change this.”

After his first Arivale blood test and lab results, Dale talked to Coach Lisa about dietary changes, such as supplements and increased fruit and vegetables. “I was very motivated to make those changes,” he says. He also began a fitness routine. Because Dale’s mom developed type 2 diabetes late in life, he appreciated visibility into his genetics and the opportunity to adjust his diet and activity for prevention.

With such a long pause from regular exercise, Dale was afraid of injury. He took it slow. “It’s become a lifestyle,” he says. “None of it’s been difficult.”

Counterintuitively, “I’ve actually gained weight,” Dale says. “I increased my muscle mass at the same time I reduced my body fat. How can you argue with those results?”

This improvement is monumental given Dale’s chronic lower back pain. Having strengthened his core, developed a stretching regimen, and refined his diet, he returned to his neurologist and surgeons with an in-person update based on his progress through Arivale. Dale says, “It’s given me the tools to make good decisions about what’s best for me right now—and in the future.”

For now, the change in his blood work–and simply feeling better–are Dale’s motivation. “What’s encouraging is to see the changes and the remarkable impact,” he says. “At 60 years old, I don’t take any medication. Knowing I have control over that, to a certain point, is encouraging. If I stay disciplined and watch my diet, I can stay healthy.”

“Dale took on this new challenge at his own pace and set himself up to see the most success. He found ways to support his goals that fit, rather than compromised, his lifestyle.” –Lisa M., MPH RDN CD

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