Why Continue With Arivale if You’re Already Healthy?

Jennifer Lovejoy, Arivale Chief Translational Science Officer, PhD
Jennifer Lovejoy
Arivale Chief Translational Science Officer, PhD

Arivale Pioneers sometimes ask, “Why should I re-enroll if my blood markers look good?”, or “I’ve achieved my initial goals and I can sustain my new habits—why re-enroll?” Although we encourage individuals to answer that question themselves or in consultation with their Arivale Coach, there are three broad themes we think you should consider. After all, Scientific Wellness is a lifetime journey!

1. Detecting early transitions away from wellness.

One Pioneer (who has been in the program for two years) noted that a big benefit for her is peace of mind because she knows Arivale is working with her to jointly monitor her biomarkers over time. Since she’s staying in the program, she knows she’ll get an early notification if any of her blood markers move in a direction away from optimal wellness.

Even if we are healthy currently, life has a way of throwing us curve balls. Our state of wellness is determined by a combination of our genetics, our environment and lifestyle, and biological changes that occur over a lifespan. Maintaining optimal wellness over time means being prepared to adapt our lifestyle and behavior when things start to change—such as when unhealthy gene variants may start to be expressed, we undergo a period of extreme stress or grief, or we experience a physiological change like pregnancy, menopause, or a significant bout of illness. Having a long-term data trend on what is normal or healthy—for you—means it will be easier to detect early on when things start to transition away from wellness (often when intervention is more likely to be effective).

2. Referrals into the healthcare system.

Something Pioneers may not realize is an Arivale Program benefit is the fact that our clinicians and coaches can flag problems that require medical follow-up. Although we do not provide medical care or diagnosis, one of the more common “action items” that Arivale Coaches recommend to Pioneers is following up with their physicians about an out-of-range laboratory value. Monitoring biomarkers across multiple systems over time has allowed us to detect a number of abnormal results and refer them out for medical follow up.

Some examples include our finding of a Pioneer with very low hemoglobin and hematocrit (later diagnosed by a physician as anemia), a finding a very low level of vitamin B12 (later diagnosed by a physician as a cause for long-term neurological problems), a finding of a high ferritin level (later diagnosed by a physician as hereditary hemochromatosis, a potentially fatal iron-overload disease), and findings of elevated blood glucose (later diagnosed by a physician as diabetes or pre-diabetes). In all of these examples, the abnormal lab values had not been detected during routine medical visits.

3. Contributing to the advancement of science.

As part of establishing the new industry of Scientific Wellness, we are passionate about contributing to the advancement of scientific and clinical research and we’re happy that many of our Pioneers feel the same way! We’re very excited to report that we have nearly finished writing a major scientific paper on the results of the Hundred Person Wellness Project study we conducted in 2014 with the Institute for Systems Biology. As part of this process, certain data extracts from the Study will be made available to other scientists so that research can advance even faster. We expect to publish other papers in the future that tie to Arivale’s research, including genomics, microbiome, and even clinical conditions like diabetes and inflammatory bowel disease.

Research in these fields cannot advance without Pioneers like you being willing to share your de-identified data. Of course, as scientific advances occur, we hope our contributions to these discoveries will make their way into clinical practice so our Pioneers can embrace those discoveries to optimize their wellness.

If you have specific questions about how continuing your Arivale journey can be personally helpful for you, talk with your Arivale Coach or call a member of our concierge team at 206-981-5834. They would be happy to discuss this with you further.