Contribute to the future of oral health.

Join Colgate’s clinical study, and get a free year of Arivale’s Scientific Wellness program.


Contribute to the future of oral health.

Join Colgate’s 10-year study, and get a free year of Arivale’s Scientific Wellness program.


Help build the resources that will transform our understanding of preventative oral health.

Focused on the storage of bio-samples and a rich set of data, the study will enable Colgate to look closely at the transition from health to disease, allowing us to develop products that are more personalized to our consumers.




Upcoming Information Sessions

Tuesday, April 18, 2017
9am — Town Hall with Arivale

Hear about the study from Colgate leadership and learn about the Arivale Program from co-founders Dr. Lee Hood and Clayton Lewis.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017
10am — Arivale Gallery Walk

Visit the Arivale Gallery to learn more about what you can expect and discover in your first year, and grab your free gift!

Can’t make the Town Hall or the Gallery Walk? Visit one of Arivale’s info tables
outside the cafeteria on one of the following dates:
Monday, April 17 (lunch time)
Wednesday, April 19 (breakfast)

“Consumers today are primed to demand more personalized solutions to everyday challenges. Here at Colgate-Palmolive, we are beginning a series of studies to better understand how an individual’s biology could impact their interaction with our products.”

Worldwide Director — Biosolutions
Colgate-Palmolive, Co.

“Traditional clinical studies look at the average effect of a treatment across a broad population. We are beginning a series of studies that will help us more deeply understand how the impact of your personal makeup will interact with our products.”

Worldwide Director — Biosolutions
Colgate-Palmolive, Co.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Study

The purpose of the Colgate Study is to collect and archive oral, blood and saliva samples for future research use. As part of this study, you will also participate in a “Scientific Wellness” program that involves collection of multiple data types — whole genome sequence, clinical labs, gut microbiome samples and lifestyle data (e.g. activity, sleep, diet and stress level) — and interactions with a wellness coach.
• Three blood draws and oral sample collections for bioarchiving, approximately six months apart (baseline upon entering the study, 6 months, 12 months).
• One year in the Arivale Scientific Wellness Program, which includes completing online assessments, at-home saliva collection for stress hormone measurement, at-home gut microbiome collection (stool sample), lifestyle tracking with a Fitbit and monthly coaching calls.
• This is the baseline year of a 10-year longitudinal study and we ask that participants are willing to return every six months for up to 10 years for collections and exams. You will be asked to provide a new informed consent each year. In years 2-10 you will visit every 6 months for an oral exam and for a collection of oral bioarchive samples (including blood).
If you join the study, you will also be enrolled in the Arivale Scientific Wellness Program at no cost to you. Through the Arivale Program, you will receive:
• Deep, personalized data (clinical labs, genetics, lifestyle) across six health dimensions: Heart Health, Diabetes Risk, Inflammation, Optimal Nutrition, Healthy Aging, and Stress Management.
• A personalized baseline wellness report presenting a curated view of your clinical data points and which health dimensions you should prioritize improving.
• Tailored and personalized monthly coaching calls with your Arivale Coach to prioritize your wellness plan and optimize your health, with weekly check-ins via text, email or app.
• Fitbit device to monitor your activity (steps), sleep, and resting heart rate. Lifestyle is a big determinant of your overall health. The Fitbit provides you and your coach a connection to your lifestyle data.
• In-depth insights of more than 85 biomarkers, versus the 20-25 that might be examined during a typical annual physical, collected at each of the three blood draws in the Colgate study.
• Online assessments that provide you and your coach a foundation of your baseline health.
• Microbiome test assessing your gut microbe diversity.
• Saliva test looking at your stress hormones, cortisol and DHEA.

Learn more here.

• This is the baseline year for a planned 10-year longitudinal clinical study, where participants return every six months for as long as feasible for collection and exams. You will be given the opportunity to re-consent each year.
• The Arivale Scientific Wellness program is included for just the first year of the study.
There is no cost to you for participation in this study for those who participate and comply for the duration of the study, and your medical insurance will not be billed for any study-related exams.
These samples will be placed in the Colgate Oral Bioarchive. The bioarchive is currently housed at the Coriell Institute for Medical Research in Camden, NJ, although this exact location is subject to change at any time.
Sample IDs and tracking information will be stored on a secure server that is independent of any patient identifying information and the ability to link these two will be strictly limited to necessary personnel in the Colgate-Palmolive Clinical Research group.
De-identified samples and related information may be retrieved at a later time for further analysis upon request from Colgate-Palmolive scientists. All sample requests will require the approval of a Vice President.

Sample Collections and Dental Exams

Collection events and exams are scheduled during your first, sixth and twelfth month in the Colgate Study and will take place at the Piscataway location.
Colgate and Arivale have combined efforts to create a seamless experience for your convenience. You will receive the following:
• Blood draw for the Colgate Study storage as well as Arivale’s comprehensive analysis – approximately 100mL
• Dental samples collected by a dental examiner
• Saliva samples collected in tubes
• Blood pressure measurement
A dental examiner will perform a whole mouth scoring, whole mouth plaque and gingivitis, as well as probing, measurements.
You will receive full instructions for preparing for your first blood draw once you are accepted into the Colgate Study. In short, you will need to discontinue non-essential dietary supplements and OTC medications four days in advance, alcohol and vigorous exercise 24 hours in advance, and refrain from food/drink and oral hygiene for 12 hours. Any prescription medication or supplements should not be discontinued.

Registering for the Study

English speaking, permanent employees of Colgate-Palmolive located in the Piscataway Global Technology Center who reside in the state of New Jersey or Pennsylvania are eligible for the study. Due to legal and regulatory limitations, employees who reside in other states are not currently able to participate in the study.
Visit to complete the pre-enrollment by April 25, 2017 to be considered for the Colgate Study.
The first 200 participants to register who meet the inclusion and exclusion criteria will be accepted according to the demographic distribution needs of the study.
Eligible candidates will be notified via email on or before April 28, 2017 and will be scheduled for a screening visit and consent review during the week of May 1, 2017. If you pass the screening you will be asked to complete the consent paperwork. We aim to have all study participants identified by May 5, 2017.

Dropping Out of the Study

If you are unable to continue with the study, contact Lyndsay Schaeffer or Elizabeth Gittins — see contact information below. We encourage you to make an informed decision before consenting to participation as we will not be able to backfill your spot with another participant. Your participation in the Arivale Program will also be terminated.

Lyndsay Schaeffer

Elizabeth Gittins

If your employment ends with Colgate, contact Lyndsay Schaeffer or Elizabeth Gittins — see contact information below. If it is possible to full-fill the obligations of the study, you may be permitted to continue. If it is not possible, you will be dropped from the study and subsequently, the Arivale Program.

Lyndsay Schaeffer

Elizabeth Gittins

The Arivale Program is only available for active participants in the Colgate study. If you are unable to fulfill the obligations of the study, will be dropped from the Arivale program and asked to return all study-related materials.
At this time, the commercial Arivale program is only available to residents of WA, OR, and CA. Colgate employees at Piscataway are the first to have access to their program on the east coast as part of this study.

Still have questions?

Get your specific questions about the Colgate Study answered by contacting Lyndsay Schaeffer-Korbyloat 732-878-7769 or email at

Get your specific questions about the Arivale Program answered by contacting the Arivale Concierge at 855-214-1401 or email at Concierge hours are Monday through Friday, 9:30am to 9pm Eastern Time and Saturday, 10am to 2pm Eastern Time.