14 Holiday Gift Ideas From Arivale’s Expert Health Coaches

Alex Lewis, Arivale Coach, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
Alex Lewis
Arivale Coach, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Need some gift ideas for your hard-to-shop-for loved ones this holiday season? I asked our expert health coaches what they would recommend for people wanting to look and feel better in the year ahead.

Here’s what they said:

Healthy Gifts For Food Lovers

Instant Pot

“The Instant Pot allows you to cook a meal that used to take eight to 10 hours in one hour – meaning you can cook multiple meals in one day! The pressure cook setting prepares raw beans and meats in such a short time that it opens up a lot more options for meals. It’s a must have in my meal-prep routine.” – Coach Kimberly

Home Microgreens Growing Kit

“Growing microgreens in your house is super easy and a great way to add fresh produce to your winter meals. Microgreens are tasty in sandwiches, sprinkled over soup, or as a way to boost a salad in terms of both flavor and nutrition.” – Coach Christie

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Gift Cards

“I love subscriptions as gifts because the gift just keeps on giving. It’s so much fun to know a box of fruits and veggies will arrive at your loved one’s doorstep with delicious, seasonal produce for them to eat and enjoy.” – Coach Sandi

Bee’s Wrap Sustainable Food Storage

“Bee’s Wrap is a sustainable, non-toxic alternative to plastic/Saran wrap. It’s washable and reusable and made with organic cotton cloth and beeswax. It makes packing lunches for work easy and quick.” – Coach Rebecca

Healthy Gifts for Your Body

Lavender Neck Pillow

“Aromatherapy lavender neck pillows you can heat up make great gifts for friends and family members looking to add more relaxation and rejuvenation to their routine. Sitting on the couch and relaxing turns extra indulgent with the calming effect of smelling lavender and feeling tension ease with heat on the neck and shoulders.” – Coach Kacie

Comfy Slippers

“Comfy slippers are an easy, daily self-care item. From sliding into them on dark mornings to getting cozy at the end of the day, slippers can be a joyful addition to a daily routine. Get your loved one the warmth of slippers.” – Coach Anne B.

Meditation/Yoga Pillow

“A meditation cushion can make a great holiday gift for someone just getting started on mindfulness or for the expert meditator. Functionally, a cushion helps lift our hips higher so the pelvis can tilt forward slightly, allowing the spine to maintain its natural curvature and blood to flow more easily to the lower body than if we were sitting on the ground.” – Coach Mary Margaret

All-Weather Rain Jacket

“An all-weather rain jacket is a practical and helpful gift to purchase for friends or family. Having a go-to jacket that can withstand not just wind and cold temperatures but also rain means they can be more prepared for all their adventures. It’s also helpful in that you don’t have to pack multiple jackets for different situations!” – Coach Katie

Gift Cards to Class Pass or Orange Theory

“As someone who thrives on the energy of group fitness classes, I love Orange Theory. The coaches are super motivating, and I enjoy the mix of cardio and strength training. This would make the perfect gift for anyone who likes to have a healthy level of competition in their workouts.” – Coach Kalyn


“A membership gift card for Headspace is a wonderful gift idea for someone wanting convenient and effective guided meditation. What I love about Headspace is that it’s simple, convenient, and perfect for people with a busy schedule. You only need to set aside 10 to 20 minutes each day, and you have access to hundreds of themed sessions that best fit your needs. So much of the work is done for you – all you need to do is commit to a time schedule and select your theme.” – Coach Dave

Healthy Gifts for Readers

Ottolenghi Simplby Yotam Ottolenghi

“What I love about Ottolenghi is his focus on flavor and ingredients. In his newest cookbook, Ottolenghi offers an uncomplicated, yet tasty, set of recipes, as well as time-saving strategies that don’t sacrifice the ‘wow’ factor.” – Coach Alex K.

How to Cook Everything Vegetarian by Mark Bittman

“This book is a wealth of knowledge! It’s a great gift for anyone interested in learning more about vegetarian cooking, as it’s thorough, straight-forward, and full of delicious recipes for basically everything plant-based.” – Coach Janelle

A Year of Daily Joy: A Guided Journal to Creating Happiness Every Day by Jennifer Louden

“Always wanted to start your day by journaling but could never get started? This guided journal provides inspiration and prompts to get you going on the habit of daily reflection – a perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones.” – Coach Kathleen

Healthy Gifts for Joyful Moments

Photo Albums/Framed Photos

“Cherished vacation photos – and the joyful moments they captured – deserve better than a few likes on social media or to be buried forever on a smartphone photo album. Relive the joy of vacation by framing a few of your loved one’s favorites or putting together a snazzy-looking photo book to show off the trip.” – Coach Maia