Arivale Nutritionists Share Their Favorite Healthy On-the-Go Breakfasts

Arivale Team,
Arivale Team

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” We’ve all heard it before, and with good cause too. Eating a healthy breakfast every day is often said to be important for weight loss (it is!), but it also helps regulate your metabolism and energy throughout the day and even promotes brain health. More oatmeal, anyone?

While most of us know that eating breakfast is important, whipping up something healthy in the midst of a chaotic morning can still be a challenge for many—especially if you’re feeding more than just yourself.

We asked some of our coaches, all Registered Dietitian Nutritionists, to share their tricks for making healthy “on-the-go” breakfasts for those weeks when just getting out the door is an accomplishment. The key theme? Spending a little time planning ahead can save you a lot of time throughout the week.

Healthy On-the-go Breakfast Ideas

Overnight Oats

Coach Molly R., Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Overnight oatmeal is my go-to breakfast! When I’m cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, I’ll spend two minutes prepping the next morning’s breakfast.

I add 1/3 cup rolled oats, 1/3 cup unsweetened yogurt, and 1/3 cup milk (regular milk or unsweetened almond or soy milk all work) into a jar or bowl, give it a stir, and refrigerate overnight. It’s so easy to remember that basic recipe, and you can always jazz it up with spices and toppings. My favorite add-ons are chia seeds, vanilla extract, and shredded coconut. In the morning, I’ll sometimes add fresh fruit too. If it’s in a jar, I can take it with me to work.

Chia Seed Pudding

Coach Miranda B., Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

I love making individually sized chia seed puddings in jars that I can grab on my way out the door. You can make a few at the beginning of the week, and add different flavors or toppings to keep things interesting. Chia seed pudding is really easy to make—and it’s packed with fiber, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Breakfast Egg Muffins

Coach Lauren L., Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

I like to make these egg muffins on the weekend and then just heat it up in the morning. They’re a great way to squeeze in some veggies early in the day. I like to use mushrooms, bell peppers, and spinach. I often freeze a batch and just pop one in the toaster oven as I’m getting ready.

Smoked Salmon Avocado Toast

Coach Mary P., Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

One of my favorite quick breakfasts to eat and recommend is smoked salmon and avocado on a whole grain bread or rice cake. I can make it in under two minutes and get a solid serving of protein, healthy fat, and omega-3 fatty acids!

Black Bean, Rice, and Eggs Jars

Coach Jessica G., Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

I’m a big fan of making a batch of brown rice, black beans, and scrambled eggs and divvying up into containers for the week ahead. It’s protein-dense, tasty, and easy to jazz up with herbs, veggies, or hot sauce.

Yogurt, Fruit, and Muesli “Parfaits”

Coach Julie C., Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

My favorite go-to is Greek yogurt, frozen berries, with either muesli or slivered almonds and some chia seeds sprinkled on top. It’s quick and easy to batch prepare on Sunday for the week ahead. Just stick them in Mason jars and grab and go each morning on your way to work.

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