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Ashley, Member since 2016
Member since 2016

Ashley and her family take a semi-annual vacation to Hawaii, where they enjoy hiking. But for her, that treasured togetherness came with a struggle: “I’m always the last one and I’m huffing and puffing.” Ashley simply lacked stamina.

Not anymore. In September 2016, Ashley joined Arivale and began a boot-camp workout at her local gym. Insights from her lab testing and the relationship with her coach began to transform long-held attitudes about her wellness.

For example, when Ashley was little her paternal grandmother had a quadruple bypass and died following heart surgery. “I was terrified of ending up like her because, genetically, I thought I was predisposed to all this awful stuff,” Ashley says. “I have had to watch my cholesterol and blood pressure since I was young.”

The dashboard helped Ashley see that genes were only part of the equation. Despite her family history and tendency to have high blood pressure and cholesterol, Ashley realized she could course-correct. And, Coach Katelyn helped her distill the data into steps that felt doable. Her Arivale regimen incorporated stress management, supplements and ways for Ashley to persist toward her goals. And the boot camp was a boost. In her words, the combination “has been incredible at changing my health.”

Before Arivale, Ashley felt exhausted. But when her family returned to Hawaii in February 2017, she says, “I led that hike. I got 16,000 steps on my Fitbit, and I was freaking out.” Her first thought? “I have to tell my coach.”

Moving forward with a sense of shared achievement, Ashley’s feeling of possibility continues to grow. When she returned from Hawaii, she started going on more hikes armed with a book of Washington state hikes and road-tested advice on how to winter-proof the experience from Coach Katelyn.

Along her wellness journey, Ashley realized that heart disease was a tendency, not destiny. She developed confidence in her ability to make changes—a mindset that changed her life. “With Arivale’s help, I realized you can have so much more power over your health and well-being than you think you do,” she says.

“Ashley came into the program ready to take charge of her health, make lifestyle changes for the long term, and learn what is vital for her to maintain even when life happens. Her focus on what brings positivity, not just improving her biomarkers, was key for her success.”—Katelyn M., RDN

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