Arivale Named Startup of the Year at the 2016 Geekwire Awards

Arivale Team,
Arivale Team

At Arivale, we have been laser-focused on developing new tools to assist you in your journey to optimize your wellness. This month, we launched a new dashboard designed to highlight the most important actionable recommendations for Pioneers. We have also created a new wellness report that you can share with your own health care team.

And, in the midst of it all, we were thrilled to discover we were named one of five finalists for Startup of the Year by Seattle’s Geekwire—a national news site with a large following of tech savvy readers around the globe. It was such an honor to receive this prestigious nomination—and we now have some exciting news to share with you.

We won!

Last night, Arivale was named the 2016 Startup of the Year. This award is a true testament to the Arivale community and the new industry we’re pioneering together—Scientific Wellness.

It is a privilege to do work every day focused on helping you and all of our Pioneers optimize your wellness. As our CEO Clayton Lewis shared, “We are humbled every day by the individuals who join Arivale because they are truly Pioneers who appreciate that the secret to wellness is science.”

Finally, we’d like to thank each of you that have joined us on the journey to create Scientific Wellness. We couldn’t have won this award without you.

Arivale Team at the Geekwire Awards

Below, watch the video of the award and our co-founders Clayton Lewis and Dr. Lee Hood’s acceptance speech.