8 Irrefutable Reasons Arivale Should Be Named Geekwire’s Startup of the Year

Arivale Team,
Arivale Team

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Arivale has been nominated for 2016 Startup of the Year by Geekwire. The winner will be announced at the upcoming Geekwire Awards event in May.

While we won’t assume anything, we’d like to break down the reasons why you should vote for Arivale, scientifically of course.

1. We’re pioneering a new industry: Scientific Wellness

Personalized wellness. From your DNA up.

Arivale deploys cutting-edge science to translate the language of our clients’ bodies—their data—into specific, actionable recommendations. A roadmap to thrive, if you will. And because we know that data alone does not drive change, we pair every client, or Pioneers as we call them, with a personal Arivale Coach to help them break down the data and use it to optimize their wellness potential.

Welcome to wellness in the genomic age.

2. In our first year, we’ve helped 1,000 people take ownership over their health and optimize their wellness.

We take an intimate and unprecedented look at the critical areas of our Pioneers’ bodies and lives—their DNA, blood and saliva, and lifestyle—to create a more complete picture of them and their wellness potential. So, what happens when you unlock your body’s secrets?

Meet Steve

SteveSteve joined Arivale in October with the goal to retire healthy in March. When his first blood results came in, Steve learned it was not just his weight that was the problem. He was also at risk for diabetes. His Arivale Coach, Ginger, helped him devise a personalized roadmap focusing on physical activity and specific adjustments to his diet. Within four months, Steve reached his goal weight, improved 19 biomarkers, and significantly his cholesterol and blood sugar levels. “Dare to try,” Steve says, “That’s my motto for Arivale and for life.”

3. We’re tying together genetics and clinical labs in ways you’ve never seen before.

Our systems approach to data collection allows us to identify biological networks related to health.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 1.28.57 PM


And the potential scientific discoveries are limitless.

4. This is our co-founder, Dr. Lee Hood. He invented the DNA sequencer.


5. We just hired our 100th employee, and we’re planning to hire 200 more in 2016.

Really, we’re hiring. Apply here.

6. We raised $36 million in venture funding this year.

“Arivale is the only company taking a comprehensive approach to wellness – looking at many different types of data, which is exactly what consumers want today … Other companies look at one of these data types or factors in isolation, such as genetics or fitness, and they don’t offer the data integration, nor do they provide the personal insights and one-on-one coaching that lead to change.”

—Dan Levitan, co-founder managing partner at Maveron

7. We’ve assembled the world’s best team, objectively speaking.


We’ve got a world-class team, made up of people who are accountable, innovative, optimistic, passionate, and trustworthy.

8. We’re passionate about Scientific Wellness, right down to our molecules.

Actions speak louder than words. We live our mission every day, and our office Fitbit challenges are something to behold.


We hope you share our passion for changing healthcare as we know it.