Scientific Wellness®

Let’s create the future of wellness, together.

Arivale was born at the world-renowned Institute for Systems Biology as the One Hundred Person Wellness Project. Our goal was simple: to be your wellness partner, for life.

We’re defined by the combination of data, coaching, and your actions. But behind the scenes, there’s one other goal. With data from members who consent to add their de-identified data to our data set, we’ve been able to conduct unprecedented research into human health and longevity that has the potential to impact generations to come.

With each person, each genome, our knowledge grows stronger and sets the stage for new discoveries. We couldn’t do it without you.

Your story builds ours.

You’re here to invest in your wellness. Using data and coaching, you’re taking action in support of your body and your goals.

Your Coach

Your navigator, your support system. You work directly with your coach to build a robust relationship with your body and make lifestyle changes that last.

Clinical Team

It’s not just your coach committed to your success. Our clinicians work behind the scenes to review your data, support your Arivale Coach, and flag lab values that might require medical follow-up.

Research Team

Our researchers use your data (de-identified and in aggregate) to gain a deeper understanding of genetics, disease, the gut microbiome, and human longevity. With every member, our set of data grows stronger. And by continuing your journey with Arivale, you’ll be the first to use our team’s discoveries.